Development Trend of Fingerprint Locks

Development Trend of Fingerprint Locks

Overview of the global number of fingerprint recognition event: access to the relevant fingerprint, fingerprint door, fingerprint led by social security, work attendance by fingerprint, the kindergarten children to fingerprint, fingerprint bank teller, grocery shopping fingerprint payment, laundry division of labor according to the fingerprint , cell phone to fingerprint, according to a new phenomenon emerging, fingerprint identification has been solidarity with the people's lives, fingerprint recognition technology worldwide, has been completely opened the "fingerprint era" of the giant screen.

Fingerprint Development

Fingerprint technology in modern life and work is increasingly common in application, fingerprint time and attendance, fingerprint social security, fingerprint bank, fingerprint market, fingerprint, etc. living and working children pick a new phenomenon is well known, fingerprint technology is increasingly refresh our modern way of life.

Now, China fingerprint locks market, mainly used in construction projects and some high-end places. However, lock to be the mechanical lock, password lock, inductive lock locks on behalf of another generation later, to the popularization of the natural trend.

Fingerprint development trend of the universal reason, and because of other mechanical lock fingerprint lock, password lock, inductive lock comparison: safe, not reproduction, can be memory, and can be unlocked in public, carrying high, and never be lost, theft and strong. Moreover, the fingerprint lock has become a symbol of high quality of life.

Now, high-end market, as long as the low-end foreign brands and domestic brands. Relative to consumers, the fingerprint lock is similar to the luxury, the awareness of the fingerprint lock is not high enough, the stage of general education in the subject.

Popularity in the market, most fingerprint door lock brands are focused on engineering projects, the popularization of basic civilian market space, like a traditional mechanical lock as large retail and commercial market there is huge space. This is the major building materials market through visits, hardware market, hardware store, etc., they can also play a leading role that mechanical lock, fingerprint lock is only sporadic in a number of high-end building materials center.

Demand has not inspired universal given many investors the opportunity to enter the brand with the fingerprint lock  . The key is to grasp the business opportunities with the mechanical lock fingerprint lock the price of different needs: fingerprint lock, mechanical locks generally expensive than a few times or even hundreds of times, no doubt hinder the development of a universal fingerprint lock barrier. However, lock universal trend is irreversible.

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